AB Custom Clothing

It is possible to have your own hand-painted denim jacket designed. From a logo to a portrait. The cost of this jacket is estimated based on the time the artist has to spend on it.
If you have an idea for a special jacket, you can choose the jacket and size and complete the following form:

We will give you a price and an estimated delivery time as soon as possible.

It is best to select the jacket and fit it in our Flagship store in Rotterdam or our Concept store in Doetinchem.

Jacket style 1

Jacket style 2

Jacket style 3

Information about the artist

Soelz (Saul Masbaitoeboen) started in 2012 as a Tattoo artist where he worked at 2 different Tattoo shops.

In 2015, together with Dean Saunders, he started a new store in Zevenaar called (Saunders & Soelz). The store is known for its portraits and realistic black-gray artwork. Soelz is an expert in the field of paintings, in March 2018 he started a project with AB Lifestyle where he made jackets for Andre Hazes, Rico Verhoeven and Robin van Persie.