Scooter X La Souris

AB Scooter X La-Souris

Die AB Lifestyle RS Special Edition ist eine limitierte Version des neuesten Modells unserer La Souris RS Roller. Für unsere Kooperation mit AB lifestyle wurde ein einzigartiger Roller in limitierter Auflage entworfen. Diese Sourini RS Special Edition ist mit LED-Tagfahrleuchten und blinkenden Front- und Rückleuchten ausgestattet, die länger als die normale Beleuchtung halten.


Safe Choice

The Sourini RS is always a safe choice! The scooter is equipped with a smart air cooling system that ensures that the scooter does not get too hot and that you can drive long distances!

Sourini RS Accessories

The Sourini RS Special Edition is equipped with various beautiful, tailor-made accessories. The scooter has an anti-burglary system, glove box and big storage options under the seat.

In addition, the Sourini RS Special Edition is equipped with the following accessories as standard:

Crash bars behind worth € 149.95
Crash bars behind worth € 119
windshield * worth € 129
Rear folding carrier worth € 79.95
Footplates worth € 49.95
Custom AB Lifestyle saddle with embroidered logo

* The Sourini RS Scooter Special Edition is equipped with Smoke Windscreen as standard, if you want a Transparent Screen, you can indicate this in the order notes at check-out.

Explanation EURO4 Engine

The La Souris Sourini RS is equipped with a strong EURO4 engine as standard. This is because the government has introduced a new standard since January 2018. This standard meets the purpose of a cleaner environment. The EURO4 engine has many advantages such as lower consumption, better reliability, improved technology and less harmful emissions. The scooter has an engine capacity of 50 cc and a fuel capacity of 6.5 liters.